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Craftsmanship. Personal Care. Integrity.
Ulti Ramos

With more than three decades of experience in the jewelry industry and having traveled the world in search of the most beautiful and exciting components, Ulti Ramos has created a line of jewelry that is not only beautiful but is made with top quality genuine stones and pearls ...but affordable. 


“I’ve always been obsessed with jewelry,” Ulti says. “My mom had a lot of jewelry and growing up I admired that. The glitter of the gold, the sparkle of the stones, have always fascinated me.“


Ulti got into the jewelry business at 18  when he started working for a jewelry company and was very happy there. “That was when I realized that this is what I was meant to do,” he says. “I’ve always dreamed of seeing my name on a packaging or a label or a tag. That people wear something that I’ve created and recognize that it was made by Ulti. That was my dream.“ After working in a jewelry factory for a few years, Ulti decided to launch his own jewelry business.


The jewelry industry is very expensive in which to manage your business. Inventories are very expensive. So Ulti’s struggle was finding a way to do what he loves to do without standing up to the major mass jewelry brands or going into bankruptcy. “I have to work extra hard,” he explains. “I feel a basic sense of trust between me and my customers and I have faith in them to come back. I feel like before I make any profit I have to pay those who trusted me, through my care and personal connection and making sure they are 100% satisfied with the piece they receive.”


In its early years, Regalia by Ulti Ramos was sold exclusively in department stores. “In recent years we have experienced a shift in the market,” Ulti says. “Sales in stores like Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s have gone down, and instead there’s been a rise in direct sales to customers through the Internet.  I saw this as an opportunity to connect personally with my customers and turn my design process into a dialogue through my customers’ feedback and comments.”


The difference between Regalia and other brands is that while most brands buy finished products from factories, Regalia manufactures all the jewelry right here, in LA. They’re both the designer and the factory. “I go to the pearl farms in China and choose personally all the pearls, every pearl that we use, and all the stones,” Ulti says. He strongly believes that the loving energy from which Regalia’s jewelry is made is stored within the pieces and therefore gets to his customers.


“I liked the idea of being the direct seller of my product, giving the customers beautiful pieces that were created especially for them and at a much lower price than the department store retail price,” Ulti says. “Giving them the same quality and the same craftsmanship but at a more accessible price and building a personal connection with my clientele. “


Now the Regalia team is working toward building more personal relationships with their customers and creating unique pieces that can be perfect and even meaningful for them.


“I promise full satisfaction,” Ulti says. “If you are not satisfied with the product, we have a customer service line, we’re happy to answer questions and help modify the piece if it’s not exactly as you wanted it to be. We are happy to accept the piece back and modify it. I want my customers to be happy and to have a piece that they want to wear. You are not left with the sense that you are stuck with the piece or that you have to return the piece because there was no other option.”

“I have learned that what was fashionable 20 years ago, the heavy necklaces and big diamonds, is not what people are seeking now. The trend is going more towards something pretty that is easy to wear, that they can wear for multiple occasions. Something that doesn’t cost too much so they can have a variety of items all the time. So the way of manufacturing keeps changing, and that’s what I’ve learned especially now when I’m online.”

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